September 2 1884- John Parker

GM – FBF – Today I would like to tell you a story about a black Inventor who was a slave but learned to read and write which would change his life. Enjoy!

Remember – ” Buying my freedom was the first step in becomming a person that could help others”

Today in our History – September 2, 1884 – John Parker patents ” Parker Pulverizer” – It was a follower – Screw for Tobacco Process U.S. Patent # 304,552
The story is below and make it a champion day! I will be traveling today and will not be able to respond to your words until this afternoon. Sorry for the layout but the computer at the hotel limits my ability to tell the story the way I want. Research the story and share with your babies.



John Parker | The Black Inventor Online Museum

Created a Screw for a Tobacco Press.