About the Author

Mr. Hardison entered teaching as personal challenge, being in the business world he was always hearing that children in the urban public school system are incorrigible and there was nothing that could be done but throw more tax money into it. Since seeing is believing, he started with his own school district of Trenton, NJ and went to Ewing HS, Red Bank Regional HS, Franklin Township HS over a ten year period before returning to the world of business.

The plan was to add more supplemental materials to the standard curriculum by using individuals, events, having special guests come to speak or taking the students on field trips to visit what was being learned. Each semester they used the technology of the time (Fax Machine) and communicated and challenged students in other states on the subject matter. The students didn’t know at the time but they were being taught in a Nuro Linguistic Programing format which Mr. Hardison applied to every student in every class.  Students who were faltering with other history teachers flourished in Mr. Hardison classes and for this he was honored with local, county, state and national awards.

To this day Mr. Hardison still gets correspondences from his former students who which that their children had him as their history teacher or they still say that history was their most enjoyable class while in HS. As Mr. Hardison goes to High Schools today, administrators, teachers and students ask if he would consider to get back into the teaching profession again or when would you be able to come back and give another lesson on one of American’s unsung Champions.